Writing games with Xojo

Xojo is a object oriented cross platform language and development tool for writing native applications for several target platforms like Windows, Linux, macOS, IOS, Raspberry, Web and others. For further information check out the publishers homepage at http://www.xojo.com/

For writing graphical applications you have two choices.

  1. Canvas Control 
  2. OpenGL

You can use the canvas control for all kinds of graphic jobs, e.g. drawing objects, text, animations and so on, but with some limitations. In case you have a lot of different objects to draw with high speed then the canvas control is not able to fit your needs. If you like to write a little space shooter then using the Xojo OpenGL surface is the better choice.  The litte program below is a little, first test program trying out OpenGL with Xojo.

Successfully implemented: 

  1. animated background using parallax scrolling
  2. using multi frame sprites ( sphere demo  – 71 frames, asteroid image – 143 frames  )
  3. sound effects
  4. background music


This program was developed on macOS.  If you are curios download the program and play a little bit around with it.

Download windows version

Download macOS version

Please note

  1. this is only a little test program in beta stage, not a commercial program
  2. this program was developed on a macOS Sierra system.
  3. successfully tested on: IMac, Mac Book Air, Windows as virtual os ( Parallels )
  4. the programm is resizable, on macOS activate fullscreen.
  5. we have no system with retina display.
  6. the program is not code signed, both operating systems will warn you about unknown origin
  7. It take some time to render all objects, please be patient when starting the program

Move your ship with the cursor keys, fire your missiles with the space key








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