(C)ontinius (W)ave Master

General information

(C)ontinius (W)ave Master  is a tutor program for learning the morse code. For measuring the transmission speed the program uses  the standard word “PARIS”. Please refer e.g. to wikipedia to get further information. Please also note, that this program doesn’t support the classical loud  speaker, cause Microsoft will deprecate the WinBeep Function in upcoming OS Versions. Instead the program creates the needed sound  as wave stream, so your computer must have a sound card.


  • Click on the flag icon to switch the language to english or german.
  • Click on the “hand key” icon to create random generated groups.
  • Click on the headphone icon to start the transmission.
  • Click on the txt icon to switch from generated groups to pure text.
    A file dialog will be open.
  • Click on the red card icon to switch back to group modus.
  • Click on the flash icon to stop the transmission.
  • Click on the door icon to exit the program.
  • Click the checkboxes to fit your needs concerning the kind of groups,
    sending a group header.
  • Edit the sign table to add, delete and modify the characters.
  • Modify the volume using the volume slider.
  • You can also modify the speed (B)its (p)er (m)inute and the frequency.
  • For easing the learning process you can insert a pause
    between the transmitted characters.

Operating System 
requirements and installationmorseTastatur

This program is some years old and was developed on a Windows XP system, but it runs without problems on newer windows versions. You don’t need any runtime or additional frameworks, the whole program size is only 200 kb. Just copy the program to your preferred location on your hard disk.There was also no problem to run the program on other platforms using wine.


Using this program is free of charge. Please note that you are not allowed to copy and distribute the program on your own website, as bundle on DVD or in any other electronic form.

Download (C)ontinius (W)ave Master